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Well, it's February again, the month in which Black History is celebrated. Last February I came across a blog entry demanding "what have black people ever done to deserve their own month?" He answered himself by saying that all blacks had contributed to the United States were welfare and crime.

I have a question for him: What did black people do to deserve being shut out of American History? Sure, you'll learn about slavery and Martin Luther King, but there is so much more to Black History. Walk into any school and you'll see plenty of posters of Martin, and Frederick Douglass, and maybe Harriet Tubman hanging on the cafeteria walls. Ask a kid if they know who Medgar Evers or W.E.B. Dubois is. I'd be surprised if they knew. Shoot, hardly anyone knows that Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves is an urban legend.

Not that I am blaming them. Teaching black history is just not a priority for most schools. When I was in college, I took a black history course. My credit for the course went under "electives" because it was not considered to be a "real" history classes, such as U.S. (read: Caucasian) History or World History. I was in 7th grade when Alex Haley, the author of Roots passed away. One of my teachers wrote the name "Alex Hauxley" on the blackboard and asked if anyone knew what he had been known for. No one said anything and the teacher went on to berate us for not knowing that he had written Roots.

As for blacks "not contributing anything to America", I have this little story:

A World Without Black People )

To make things worse, Black History Month is being dumbed down ), I guess for those who think "keepin' it real" means going around in blonde weave or head to toe bling-bling. Now what is wrong with that picture?

I'd love to get rid of Black History Month, provided that blacks could get fair space in the history books were we belong.

I'll probably have more to say about this later, but it's very late here.


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