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It's midnight and so far, it hasn't even rained and the wind is barely blowing here in Va. Beach. I'm watching the news and it looks like it's blowing pretty hard in Kitty Hawk, NC.

I went to Food Lion earlier today and stocked up. This is what I got:

* a bag of rolls from the bakery
* some Ramen noodles
* Fruit Roll-ups (BOGO with MVP card)
* 2 1-liter bottles (99 cents apiece with MVP card)
* three 15-ounce cans of Green Giant vegetables

Luckily, I'm staying with my father (who coincidentally has the middle name Earl) and he has a ton of canned goods and 10 gallon jugs of water. He didn't even lose power when Isabel came through in 2003, so I'm hoping he'll have similar luck this time. Plus, I worry about him some time. I'm a little worried about my mother too, as my stepfather is out of town and she's riding it out alone this time, but she's younger and more resourceful than my father. Plus, she has a next door neighbor who has helped her out a lot over the years.

The two of us are supposed to leave for Annapolis, MD so time tomorrow for out annual family reunion. Earl is supposed to be gone by the afternoon, so hopefully things will work out.
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My grandfather passed away early this morning. :o(

He had been in and out the hospital in the past month or so. He had a lot of ailments, the most major being kidney failure, respiratory failure, and emphysema. He had been getting dialysis since he was hospitalized, and he was in ICU all of last week, hooked up to a respirator. They took him off the respirator on Monday because he was doing better and breathing on his own. I visited him for the last time Wednesday night for a few hours. We watched American Gladiators on the tv and talked. In fact, he did most of the talking. I had been planning to visit him later today, so I'll probably end up meeting up with the rest of the family.

I don't know what will happen to my grandparents' house. My mother's youngest sister moved in to take care of him after my grandmother died, but she says she doesn't like to live alone (and to be honest, she's sort of a nightmare roommate) so I don't know what will happen with that.


Nov. 4th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Grandma passed away about an hour ago. I heard it from my stepdad and he said my mother and everyone is still at the hospital so I'm going to go be with them. I visited her one last time yesterday afternoon. I knew it wouldn't be long because she looked even worse than she had before. She couldn't talk at all, just moan. I couldn't tell whether she was trying to talk or if she was moaning because she felt badly. I'm not even sure if she recognized who I was this time. Either way, I'm glad I saw her one last time.


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