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I'm 24 hours late on this, but here I am.

I'm so glad that Shen and Zhao finally won Olympic gold. If my girl Michelle Kwan will never win, at least they have. I haven't been this satisfied with an Olympic finish since Kristi Yamaguchi in 1992. I'm also really pleased to see their compatriots/training mates/friends Qing Pang and Jian Tong have the skate of their lives and win silver. IMO, they have always been a little overlooked between Shen/Zhao and the big-trick Zhangs. And how great it is to see Yao Bin come full circle, from being laughed off the ice 30 years ago.

Seeing Shen and Zhao win gold was really the only thing I was really invested in for these Games (except maybe seeing someone beat Plushenko in the mens competition) so I'm happy. Maybe in 20-24 years we'll see their kid skating in the Olympics! :oP
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That's my head hitting my desk.

Associated Press: Injury Forces Kwan to Withdraw in Turin

thud, thud, thud

I felt it in my gut when I woke up this morning, even before I turned the tv on and watched ESPN Sportscenter. I don't know why, because when I went to bed last night, I was sure that she would be okay and ready to win gold.

thud, thud, thud

Well, everyone who was against her going must be jumping for joy.

I'm going to crawl off somewhere and cry. I probably won't be posting too much else about the Olympics. I don't think I'm going to feel like it.

Oh, dear.

Feb. 11th, 2006 10:24 am
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Associated Press: Kwan Won't Rule Out Withdrawal From Turin

TURIN, Italy - Michelle Kwan wouldn't rule out a withdrawal from the Olympics after cutting short her first practice Saturday because of stiffness in her groin.

Kwan said the long plane ride and marching in the opening ceremony caused enough problems for her to skip a short program run-through one day after arriving in Turin. She avoided answering several questions about whether she's worried about competing in her third Olympics.

But asked directly if she might drop off the U.S. team, the five-time world champion said: "I really have to pay attention to how I am feeling these days. Dropping out, it's not something I want to do, but I have to listen to what my feelings are."

Kwan said she will be at practice Sunday.

It was not pretty. Her first jump, a smooth triple toe loop, came 13 minutes into the workout. She then landed on two feet on her first triple flip, and fell hard on her next attempt at the jump. Kwan also cut another try into a double flip.

Most of the practice was spent on footwork and spins. At one point, Kwan did her footwork from her free skate and Glenn and U.S. judge Charlie Cyr seemed to be checking the levels of difficulty.

Associated Press: Kwan ponders withdrawal after rough practice

TURIN, Italy - Michelle Kwan cut short her first practice because of a sore groin Saturday and left open the possibility of withdrawing from the Olympics if she's not 100 percent healthy.

The five-time world champion stopped short of saying she was considering dropping off the U.S. team. But asked directly, she replied:

"I really have to pay attention to how I am feeling these days. Dropping out, it's not something I want to do, but I have to listen to what my feelings are."

I'm not worried. *gnaws on all 10 fingernails at once* She only got to Torino yesterday morning, did 5,209 interviews and then went to the Opening Ceremonies. She is probably just a little jet-lagged and tired. Michelle skated just as badly in practice at 1998 U.S. Nationals right after coming off a stress fracture in her left foot and ended up skating two of the best performances of her career. She looks plenty cheerful in this press conference.

Besides, she is going to practice some more on Sunday after she has a chance to loosen up. This past Wednesday at the roller skating rink, I went out on the floor and did shoot-the-duck for the first time. My legs were so tired and sore that I did not skate much for the rest of the night. To tell the truth, I'm still stiff. But I'm going to be right back out there tomorrow night!

Now let's hope I'm not saying all this to convince myself.
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Associated Press: Kwan Gets Last Shot at Olympic Gold

It sounds like she has most of her jumps back. Crossing my fingers that she keeps getting better and doesn't hurt herself again.
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Michelle Kwan test skates to see if she can go to Torino. The decision will be announced at 3:30pm PST (6:30 my time). She doesn't have to perfect, she just has to prove that she would get a better result than Emily Hughes would. I asked my Magic 8 Ball if she would pass and it said "OUTLOOK GOOD". I hope that's right.

Two things

Jan. 15th, 2006 01:32 am
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1. Michelle Kwan is going to Torino.

2. It's snowing outside.

Goody and good night!


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