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Someone tried to come into my apartment yesterday morning around 3:15 am. I live alone and I was online because I couldn't sleep. Someone started pushing on the door and shaking the doorknob like they were trying to get in. They even banged on the door once. I freaked out and called 911. Four policemen came to my door. Whoever it was was gone by the time they got there. They said they looked around and didn't see anyone, but they had had a similar call from someone on the other side of the building the previous week and they think it's someone getting drunk and going to the wrong door. (A lot of college students live in my building.) They probably thought I was crazy because I answered the door holding a bat and shaking like a leaf. They asked if I looked out the window or peephole to see who it was. I told them I was too scared. I just ran to get my bat out of the closet and grabbed the phone in my other hand and called 911.
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* Well, I got the last of my gifts last night. The mall parking lot was so crowded that it would have been easier if I walked there and back instead of driving.

* My head is killing me.

from [ profile] geeky_graphics:
Harry Potter Character Meme )

Happy Holidays to everyone.
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* Today the sun shined for the first time in eight days. Yippee!!

* Went swimming at the community pool with my aunt for the 2nd Saturday in a row. Hopefully this will be a regular thing, especially since it is about to be too cold and dark to go bike riding after work.

* I've found that if I pick my fro "just so", I can make it to five feet tall. Ha ha! I'm glad I cut my hair.

* Should I be concerned that I took a "What Napoleon Dynamite Character Are You?" quiz and got "tater tots"? :o\


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