Jan. 8th, 2012 01:04 am
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I realized I never updated this post. I finally found a monitor with digital hookup, even though I ended up paying $55 more than I wanted to. The monitor was $25 more than I wanted to pay, but it was 3 days before Christmas and I was sick of looking. Then I went to hook it up and only a VGA cable was in the box. I called the people up and asked about it and they said that the DVI-D cable wasn't included so I had to fork over 30 more bucks for a DVI-D cable. But, I finally got my new fast computer online.

I've been coming across various "Books I Read in 2011" posts. I think I read maybe...2? My schoolwork takes up the majority of my time with sleep coming in second. Naturally, NaNoWriMo was definitely out of the question, and I actually had a real plot bunny this year. I guess it will have to wait until I graduate. Usually I

try to catch up on my reading during breaks. I keep a list of books I want to read and cross them off when I've read them. I didn't cross any off this break. I caught up on fanfics and kink memes instead.

School starts back on Monday, so I'm trying to finish reading as much fanfic as I can. You know you're a geek when you keep a spreadsheet of WIPs, favorite stories, and stories you plan to read, with columns dedicated to title, last updated, url, and summary, and tabs for each fandom.
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Well, I got 5,027/50,000. Not bad for four days of writing, and better than last year. I made my mind up a few days ago that I wanted to reach at least 5,000 words, so at least I surpassed that. I think I'm just too busy in November. I wasn't totally original either. I wrote an Ugly Betty fanfic instead of original fic, which I knew good and well wouldn't reach 50,000 words. No romance, just angst and drama. Something that if I were a writer on the show, I'd write.

Maybe some day, I'll finish it.
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So, I finally dug myself out from all the stuff I'm doing and started NaNo. I couldn't think of anything original, so I decided to write a fanfic whose plot bunny has been hopping around my head for months. So far I have 1,095 words written.
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I hope everyone who celebrates Halloween had a good one. I didn't do much, but I still dressed up. Anyway, here are a couple of photos (with some of my face blurred because this is public):

cut for possibly politically polarizing costume )

I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year, but I probably won't get any further than I did last year. I don't think I posted about this, but I lost my job this past June and I'm picking up whatever bit of work I can find right now. I also went back to school last spring. I have about 5 different things going right now, so NaNo is going to have to be put on the back burner for the time being.
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So I called myself trying it this year. This is how far I got:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,404 / 50,000

That's right, four thousand, four hundred, and four words. Maybe next year I'll make it to 5000. Ha ha!

I thought I'd have more time to write than I did. Then when I had time, I got writer's block a lot. Well, I am still going to try to finish my novel (If I don't get bored first). I bet by the time I manage 50000 words, it will be November again.


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