Jan. 8th, 2012 01:04 am
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I realized I never updated this post. I finally found a monitor with digital hookup, even though I ended up paying $55 more than I wanted to. The monitor was $25 more than I wanted to pay, but it was 3 days before Christmas and I was sick of looking. Then I went to hook it up and only a VGA cable was in the box. I called the people up and asked about it and they said that the DVI-D cable wasn't included so I had to fork over 30 more bucks for a DVI-D cable. But, I finally got my new fast computer online.

I've been coming across various "Books I Read in 2011" posts. I think I read maybe...2? My schoolwork takes up the majority of my time with sleep coming in second. Naturally, NaNoWriMo was definitely out of the question, and I actually had a real plot bunny this year. I guess it will have to wait until I graduate. Usually I

try to catch up on my reading during breaks. I keep a list of books I want to read and cross them off when I've read them. I didn't cross any off this break. I caught up on fanfics and kink memes instead.

School starts back on Monday, so I'm trying to finish reading as much fanfic as I can. You know you're a geek when you keep a spreadsheet of WIPs, favorite stories, and stories you plan to read, with columns dedicated to title, last updated, url, and summary, and tabs for each fandom.
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Well, today, since it's almost 1:00 am. I'm probably going to fail everything. It seems like over the last few weeks I haven't been able to do anything right, in school and out of school. I don't even want to think about what my grades are going to look like.
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Whew, finished my physics homework with 23 hours to spare.

Too bad I still have about 500 chemistry problems to do. *rolleyes*
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I'm taking a creative writing course for the summer semester and I'm kind of struggling. I'm not really good at making something up on command and on a deadline, which is why I never get far during NaNoWriMo. My assignment is due at 11:59 pm tonight and I am totally stuck. The assignment is:

1) Choose an abstract idea (love, hate, work, peace, etc.) or an emotion (happiness, sadness, confusion, etc.), then choose a series of words to associate with them (color, sound, smell, food, person, etc.), then write a prosodic description. DONE
1a) Post responses to at least two other posts. DONE

2) Choose two short stories from a list of ten to read and analyze. DONE
2a) Post responses to at least two other posts. DONE

3) Choose one character from each of the two short stories and write a dialogue between them. DONE
3a) Post responses to at least two other posts. DONE

4) Write and post a rough draft of an original short story that is 6-15 double-spaced pages. (We can post as many rough drafts as we want.) DONE
4a) Read and evaluate everyone else's rough drafts. If they post more than one rough draft, we have to read and evaluate each rough draft. DONE

4b) Based on your peers' comments, write a final draft and e-mail to the instructor. DONE

I've done 1, 1a, and 4. I'm working on 3/3a right now and I keep hitting a brick wall. Forget 4a and 4b. Some of these people have posted three or four rough drafts of their stories. I posted my story last night, but so far, I've gotten zero comments and four views (out of 20 people in the class).

Some people have clearly ignored the bit where the instructor said to consider your peers' academic and real life schedules. I don't have time to write three or four rough drafts of my own story, much less read and review three or four rough drafts of everyone else's.

It feels like an extra slap in the face that someone would have time to not only write four rough drafts but jump ahead to the next assignment, but doesn't have time to read or post any reviews to my story. Which I interpret to mean either "Your story isn't worth the time it would take to read" or "I read it and it sucked so much that I don't have anything nice to say about it so I'll say nothing".

I've been working on this on and off for three weeks between work and writer's block. I worked on this assignment all day Friday, Saturday, and now today, but I don't know if I can push my way through in time to get everything finished and posted before midnight.

I made it. I made all of my posts and I submitted the final draft of my story at 11:57 pm. And I finally got a couple of reviews, both positive. I feel a little better.


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